Mondays extras


earlydemotape-StrawStudios-Asshole89tape-StrawStudios-E-Luck88tape - final session 93 - inlaytape-BlistredRabbi88400-407demotape-sentintoradio-coverpills-laruffs-inlay

A collection of rare demo cassettes, or early mixes – including the ‘unfinished symphony’, the band’s final 92 into 93 recordings. Blistered Rabbi (here misspelt by the band) was PD’s nickname for their first manager Phil Saxe. All courtesy of Bigg T apart from the top maxwell c30 cassette (from Mark Day’s collection). The maxwell c30 is a recording from a 1982 rehearsal – Shaun, Paul, Mark and a drum machine; the ‘So Pretty?’ refers to a cover (more reworking) of the Depeche Mode song What’s Your Name? from their 1981 debut album Speak & Spell. Come back soon to here some of the material on these rare cassettes. If you have any similar cassettes please send.