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MORE earliest ever recordings 1981- Mondays cover Depeche Mode

Recorded on a cassette player in the attic at Mark Day’s parents home in Swinton and transferred to a digital format and cleaned up  in a professional studio. The band were called either Something in the Attic or Avant-Garde at the time and the line-up would have been: Paul Ryder on bass, Shaun Ryder on vocal and Mark Day on guitar. This is before  drummer Gary Whelan joined the band in early 1982 (keyboardist Paul Davis joined the following year) and the three Mondays are still playing with a drum machine – Derek Ryder’s Korg Mini Pops. This tape is remarkable rare and already three songs from it have been debuted on this site Here now is a segment (the only surviving evidence) of the band’s fabled cover version of Depeche Mode’s What’s Your Name? an ultra-pop and camp track written by Vince Clarke from the Basildon band’s debut 1981 album Speak & Spell. The other track has no title. Please do not copy and reproduce this material. If you cannot help yourself please credit this website. More material will be posted in coming days. Cheers to Bigg T and all the fans who are hungry to hear more.



What’s Your Name?


Song 4